Judges & Volunteers


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Judges & Volunteers Make It All Happen

While the obvious focus of the Science Fair is on the kids, it couldn’t happen the way it does without our judges. All projects in the Flint Regional Science & Engineering Fair are reviewed with student-judge interviews and judging teams that evaluate each project in a refereed competition.

That means the success of the Flint Regional Science & Engineering Fair depends on our judges – mostly local professionals in the science, medical, teaching, and engineering fields who volunteer their time and expertise. Most have found this to be a highly rewarding experience.

On the weekend of the Fair, we need 80 judges on Friday evening from 7-11 p.m., and 60-70 judges Saturday morning from 8 a.m. to noon. You can volunteer to work one day or both. It's a great opportunity to meet bright and enthusiastic young people and allow them to get exposure to your profession and life-long experience.

We encourage you to talk to your friends and colleagues about joining us in this important volunteer effort to promote science and engineering education in our community.


Student & Volunteer Safety

The top priority for the Flint Regional Science and Engineering Fair is student safety. All efforts are made to ensure that students will be attending Fair-sponsored events in a safe environment free from hazards in the real world as well as in the cyberworld.

To this end, all Flint Regional Science and Engineering Fair board members and volunteers eighteen (18) years of age or older are required to submit to a Background Check conducted by Sterling Volunteers.

A completed and approved background check for those requiring one must be filed with the Flint Science and Engineering Fair Board before participation in any in-person or virtual Fair-sponsored event. This is without exception.

Read the complete policy here.