Stipends & Workshops

Stipends, Courses and Workshops

Educator Stipends

Apply Today - 1 application for all 3

Equipment Stipend

  • FRSEF Educator Stipends are available to educators within the FRSEF territory.
  • All educators are encouraged to apply, even those without students participating in the FRSEF. Stipends in values of up to $400 to help educators provide resources to enable excellence in research.
  • Applications for Round 1 of stipends closes on November 30, 2023.
    • Limited number of stipends are available, apply early!
    • A second round of stipends is dependent upon remaining funding.
  • Requirement to fulfill stipend: a picture of the purchase and a short paragraph on how you were able to use it.
    • Due by May 1, 2024.

Fair Travel Stipend

  • Travel Stipends are available to educators within the FRSEF territory.
  • The FRSEF has grants to assist with the cost of travel for bringing students to the FRSEF.
  • Junior and High School – school setup windows on Friday afternoon and judging on Saturday morning.
    • Simplify logistics and bring a bus for students!
  • Elementary – fair event (single day)

Classroom Display Kits

  • Display Kits are available to educators brining students to the FRSEF.
  • Display boards and materials (ex. construction paper) for all projects from your classroom.
    • Boards are 48" tall, 36" wide tri-fold, corrugated cardboard and include a header.
  • Example project displays are also available - have an example in your classroom for students to reference.
    • Pick one of our example projects!

Workshops & Courses

Inspiration, Invention & Innovation
  • Video series for learning the engineering process.
  • Includes lesson plans for educators!
  • Available Fall 2023!
Crash Course: Measurements, Sensors and Data Logging 
  • Learn the skills to collect data for your project.
    • How to measure your experiment and design.
    • Learn about sensors and different sensor types.
    • How does a data logger work?
    • Learn to use an Arduino as a data logger.
  • Learn more today!
Crash Course: Data Analysis & Presentation
  • Learn the skills to elevate your research to the next level
    • How to make great graphs and visuals
    • The correct type of graphs to use for your project
    • The correct type of analysis to use for your project
  • Learn more today!
Thermo Fisher Scientific Junior Innovators Challenge (formerly Broadcom MASTERS) Application Workshops
  • Workshop for Thermo Fisher Scientific Junior Innovators Challenge nominees and their parents.
  • Assist nominees with their applications and their projects.
  • Will be in April or May 2024 (needs to be after the fair for the nominees to be determined)

Classroom Visits - Request Yours Today

  • Virtual and in-person visits available (1 - 3 hours)
    • An FRSEF member will come to your classroom and work with your students.
  • Visit content can be tailored to you and your students' needs.
    • Kickoffs
    • Ideation / Project Workshopping
    • Reviews
  • Interactive activities to do a sample project from start - to -finish
    • 2023/2024 activity - paper airplane
    • If you have an activity in mind - let's work together and develop an activity for your classroom.

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