Rules, Procedures & Forms

Rules, Procedures & Forms

The ISEF Rulebook

Click here for the ISEF Rulebook

Projects - Individual or Team

Projects can be entered by individual students or by a team of 2 to 3 students.  This is applicable to all divisions.

Board/Display Sizes (only applicable to in-person displays)

  • Elementary: May not exceed 30” deep x 36” wide x 108” high; no electricity allowed
  • Junior: May not exceed 30” deep x 36” wide x 108” high; no electricity allowed
  • Senior: May not exceed 30” deep x 48” wide x 108” high; electricity available upon request

Student Bio and Media Release

Please review and fill out the Student Bio & Media Release Form (linked below). It requests biographical information for press releases and gives consent to use students’ photos in press releases and promotional materials for The Fair. When completed, this form should be printed and signed by a parent. It can then be scanned (or digital photo) and uploaded to the student’s account.

Click here for the Student Bio and Media Release

Display & Safety Checklist

The Flint Regional Science & Engineering Fair utilizes the International Science & Engineering Fair Display & Safety Regulations, for full regulations see the International Rules and Guidelines.

FRSEF_Display&SafetyChecklist used by our Display and Safety team during the fair.

Project Size

  • Senior: 48” width, 30” depth, 108” height from floor
  • Junior / Elem: 36” width, 30” depth, 108” height from floor
  • No standing projects, 36” table height

Electrical Regulations

  • Junior / Elem: No AC power will be provided.
  • Electrical devices must be protectively enclosed.
  • Energized wiring, switches and metal parts must have adequate insulation and over-current safety devices (e.g., fuse).
  • An accessible, clearly visible on/off switch or quick means of disconnecting power

Forms / Images / Credits

  • List photo and image credits
  • Photo release for images of finalist and others
  • No acknowledgements, self-promotions or endorsements
  • No commercial logos
  • Form 1c (only for projects at a Regulated Research Institution)

Items / Materials Not Allowed

  • Living organisms, including plants
  • Glass or glass containers
  • Soil, sand, rock, cement or waste samples
  • Preserved vertebrate or invertebrate animals
  • Food or liquids (including water)
  • Plant materials
  • Human / animal parts or body fluids
  • Hazardous substances or devices (poisons, drugs, weapons, dry ice)
  • Items that may be contaminated with hazardous chemicals
  • Sharp items (syringes, needles, pipettes, knives)
  • Flames or highly flammable materials
  • Batteries with open-top or wet cells
  • 3D Printers
  • Any apparatus with belts, pulleys, chains or moving parts without appropriate shielding around pinch points
  • Any item deemed distracting (sounds, lights, odors, etc.)

Items are not be stored underneath the project

FRSEF Project Grants

FRSEF Project Grants are available to Junior and Senior division participants.

All students are encouraged to apply. Grants in values of up to $200 for Juniors and up to $400 for Senior may be awarded to provide resources for students to enable excellence in their research. Apply Today

All Forms

The interactive Project Guide will automatically provide each required form based on the student’s Division and project criteria. Additionally, every form a student may need is available below. Each can be downloaded, printed, and then filled in; or can be opened here and filled in online. Parent/adult signatures may still be required before sending, so printing off and signing will be required. Forms can then be scanned (or digital photo) and uploaded to the student’s account.

Looking for help on which forms are needed?  Check the ISEF Rules Wizard

Form 1
Checklist for Adult Sponsor


Form 1A
Student Checklist Research Plan Instructions


Form 1B
Approval Form


Form 1C
Regulated Research Institution


Form 2
Qualified Scientist


Form 3
Risk Assessment


Form 4
Human Participants


Form 5
Vertebrate Animal


Form 6A
Potentially Hazardous Biological Agents


Form 6B
Human Vertebrate Animal Tissue


Form 7