Senior Fair – UM Flint

Senior Fair (Grades 9 – 12)

Schedule and Deadlines

Separate fair events for Junior / Senior and Elementary *New for 2024

  • Junior / Senior Fair will be at UM-Flint – March 15 – 17
  • Elementary Fair will be at the Sloan Museum of Discovery – April 11

Judging Format

  • Preliminary Round: Projects will be scored by judges based on students’ online submitted materials.
  • Final Round: Judging interviews
    •  All submitted materials will be available to judges prior to and during the interviews.
    • All students (finalist and non-finalist) will have interviews.
      • Non-Finalists: 1-2 interviews at your display board
      • Finalists: Interviews with judging teams at your display boards
        • Teams will be multi-disciplinary – be prepared to explain your project to people who are not experts in your field!
        • Be prepared to be at your display for multiple hours
      • Super-Finalists: Round of interviews after the Finalist Round *New for 2024
        • Top 8-10 projects
        • 90 minutes of interviews with 20+ judges.
      • Students can bring hands-on models or prototypes.

Materials for Judging

Templates for all can be found on the Templates webpage and the registration site

  • With Registration / Before Start of Experimentation (submitted via the online registration portal)
    • Research Plan
      • Information on this is available when you register and add a project.
    • SRC Forms
      • 1, 1a, 1b
      • All SRC Forms for projects requiring pre-approval (ex. Human Subjects, Bacteria)
    • Special Awards Nomination (part of registration portal)
  • By March 1 at 11:59 PM EST  (submitted via the online registration portal)
    • Display Slides
      • Template does not have to be followed, provided as a starting point.
      • Only pdf files are accepted.
      • Maximum of 12 slides
    • Research Report (optional)
  • Bring to Fair
    • Display Board
    • Logbook / Research Notebook (optional)
    • Research Report (optional)
    • All SRC forms

UM-Flint Campus Tours

Students and parents are invited to tour the UM-F Murchie Science Building Saturday afternoon after judging. You may reserve a spot by registering here: