2022 FRSEF Update (2/14/2022)

Status update for the 2022 Flint Regional Science and Engineering Fair (3/14/2022)

Project Presentation and Judging: UM-Flint Riverfront Center
Awards: UM-Flint Northbank Center + YouTube Live Stream

Health and Safety Protocols:
Masks will be required for all in-person activities.
All UM-Flint health and safety protocols will be followed at a minimum.

Registration Deadline + Upload of all project materials: March 7 at 11:59 PM EST  (we encourage all participants to register and upload their materials early!!!!!)
Announcement of Finalists: March 17 via flintsciencefair.org
Project Setup: March 18 + 19 (please look at the complete schedule, students who live close are highly encouraged to set up their project on March 18)

Judging Format
Preliminary Round: Online, judges will review your uploaded project materials
Final Round: In-person for finalists and non-finalist interviews
Senior Finalist will consist of a presentation where students are presenting their slides that were submitted before March 7. (6 minutes to present, 4 minutes for Q&A)
– Slides will be pre-loaded on FRSEF computers for presentation.  students do not need to bring computers.
All other interviews will be at student display boards. (Junior + Elementary Finalist, all non-Finalist)

Judging Pods
Judging will occur in “pods”.  Students will only be judged during the pod they are assigned to (assignments will be released on March 18).
Senior Judging: Pods A, B
Junior Judging: Pods B, C, D
Elementary Judging: Pods C
Further schedule information

Project Setup
Projects can be setup on Friday March 18 from 12:00 – 3:00 (schools by appointment) and 3:00 – 6:00 (open to all).
– It is highly encouraged that projects are setup and clear display and safety on Friday.
For students traveling from a long distance or unable to setup on Friday, there is an opportunity for Saturday setup.
– Time will be limited on Saturday morning, judging will not be delayed due to setup issues.
Further schedule information

Expo + Campus Tours
There will be a STEM Expo for all students to enjoy and learn from hands-on activities from local universities and organizations
UM-Flint will be offering campus tours including their new science and engineering building and labs.

Awards Ceremonies will be held in-person and broadcast live via YouTube.
In-person attendance of the Awards Ceremonies will be limited to Finalists and their immediate family.  This is to limit the number of people on-site.  All students are still eligible for special awards and awards will be mailed to students not able to attend the awards ceremonies.

What do I need to upload on March 7?  (complete information and templates)
Project Quad Chart
Display Slides
Special Awards Form
Research Report (optional)
No Abstracts

What to Bring to In-Person Fair?  (rules / regulations)
Display board (can be printed display slides on a board if desired)
Display objects / prototypes
Quad chart
Logbook / Research Notebook
No Abstracts

Michigan State Science Fair Participation (Senior students only)
The top 10 FRSEF Senior students will be nominated for the Michigan State Science and Engineering Fair.
Nominated students will need to sign up immediately after the awards ceremony as the state fair will start on Monday March 21.  (we’ll help out with this!)
The only additional materials required for the state fair is a 2 minute video, we request the Senior Finalists have this video prepared by Sunday afternoon (March 20).