2021 Junior Fair Results

2021 Junior and Elementary Fair Results

YouTube video of Awards

Junior Division

1st Award: $1,000 ($500 cash and $500 scholarship)

  • Earth / Environment / Chemistry: Jaelyn Peavyhouse; Geographical Patterns in Radon
  • Life Sciences: Mohamad Hashem Jafari; Make Your Mask Your Best Friend, Not Your Worst Enemy!!
  • Physical Sciences / Engineering: Blaise Maliskey; Testing Airplane Wings

2nd Award: $800 ($500 cash and $300 scholarship)

  • Earth / Environment / Chemistry: Amaya Shahzad; What is enzymatic browning and how can it be slowed down?
  • Life Sciences: Muhammad Adnan Najjar; Button Battery Burns: Examining Ingestion Injuries and Reducing the Rate and Severity of Damage
  • Physical Sciences / Engineering: Olivia Wagner; Using filters and hacking a BiPAP, to circumvent a shortage of ventilators for a Covid pandemic

3rd Award: $575

  • Earth / Environment / Chemistry: Maximum Harwell
  • Life Sciences: Michaela Witgen
  • Physical Sciences / Engineering: Akhilesh Kanmanthreddy

4th Award: $400

  • Earth / Environment / Chemistry: Nasir Ali, Ayaan Cheema
  • Life Sciences: Sivani Mamillapalli, Isabella Monk
  • Physical Sciences / Engineering: Matlyn Miller, Jeff Soukhojak

Educator of the Year

Kirk Hansen of Davison Middle School and April Keefover of Genesee Academy were named as Educators of the Year.  Each receives $250 and was nominated by their students for the award.

The top fourty-five finalists earned cash awards ranging from $250 – $800. Numerous Special Awards were also awarded by various local, regional, and national organizations. Special Awards recognition can range from certificates to gift packages.

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