Student Registration

Student & Project Registration Instructions

Link to Registration Portal

How to Register

  • Create an user account
  • Confirm your account via email.
    • An email will be sent to the email address you entered.
  • After clicking the email link, you will be directed to the FRSEF portal.
    • Under use type, select Student
  • Enter your information and click Save & Continue
    • This will save your profile
  • Select your school and teacher
    • If they are not listed, please add your school and or teacher.
  • Complete the Creating New Project form
    • The Abstract, Video Link, Project Images and Project Abstract are not required when first registering. These must be entered by the registration deadline.
  • Complete the ISEF Forms Questionnaire
    • This will select which forms need to be completed and submitted.  Upload your forms as soon as they are available.  Many forms require pre-approval prior to the start of experimentation.
  • You have now completed registration.
    • The ISEF Forms that are required are listed at this step.

Uploading ISEF Forms

  • If you do not know which forms to fill out: the ISEF Rules Wizard is a great resource.
  • Click on the Paperwork tab.


  • The forms required for your project (based on the ISEF Forms Questionnaire) are in bold and have an asterisk*.
    • In the example below the following are required: 1, 1A, 1B, Project Abstract and Project Plan


  • By clicking on the form type, you are able to:
    • Download a blank copy of the form.
    • Upload your completed form


Team Project - How to Have Multiple Team Members

  • One team member creates their login and the project as listed above.
    • Remember to check the box Will this be a Team Project? 
    • When complete, copy the Team Key, which can be found under Student / My Profile
  • Have the additional team member create their logins as listed above but select Link / Join Existing Team Project
  • Enter the Team Key, and now the additional team member is linked to the project.

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