Plant Growth – Sample Project

Sample Project: Plant Growth

Why do this project?
  • Having a stable food supply is critical to feeding the world.¬† Growing food in the most efficient way possible will allow more people to be fed.
Project Details
  • In this project, we will test growing a plant (radish) in different soil types.
  • Independent Variable: what we are testing and changing
    • Soil Type that our seeds are planted in - sand, top soil, potting soil
    • There are many options that we could use - water amount, sunlight, fertilizer type or amount => since we are only testing a single variable, these will be controls
  • Dependent Variable: what we are going to use to measure the results of our experiment
    • Weight of radish
  • Controls: Variables that we will "control" to ensure that the only thing different in our tests is the independent variable.
    • For this project: temperature of the room and soil, water amount, sunlight, fertilizer
  • Hypothesis: our educated guess on the outcome of the project
    • I predict that the radishes planted in the sand will have the largest mass
  • Step 1
  • Step 2
  • Step 3
  • Step 4
  • Step 5
  • What can you record?
  • Record your measurements! - plot the results in this spreadsheet


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How can you make this project your own?
  • Are there different soil types you can use as the independent variable?
  • Is there a different variable you can test?
How to take this project to the next level
  • Are there controls that were not controlled?
    • Ex. how much moisture was in the soil to start?
  • Run additional tests - is there another variable to test?
  • Is there something you can design based on your project observations?
    • Example: Automatic water based on the moisture content of the soil
    • Example: Fertilizer application based on the color of the leaves
  • Develop a new measurement method.