2024 Finalist Announcement

Congratulations to the Finalists of the 2024 Flint Regional Science and Engineering Fair



SR-EEC-002Hygrokinetics of Alum Crystal GrowthJeff Soukhojak
SR-EEC-095The Invisible Threat: Understanding the Dangers of Cleaning AgentsKristy Daoud, Avery Nickel
SR-EEC-096The effects of heavy metals and polyvinyl chloride microplastics on diatom photosynthesisMatlyn Miller
SR-EEC-102Assessing the Effects of Aquatic Macrophytes on Environmental PollutionSharmitha Bandla
SR-EEC-103Magnetizing Oil: A New Paradigm For Cleaning Up Aquatic Oil SpillsMiriam Haddad
SR-EEC-104Biodegradable Agricultural Mulch Films From Wastepaper Pulp and Calcium AlginateLouis Huang
SR-EEC-111The Effects of Additives on the Physical Properties of ConcreteJett Miller
SR-EEC-114The Use of Pseudomonas Fluorescens for Increased Rate of Hydrocarbon Degradation through BioremediationDEV PATEL
SR-EEC-116Using bacteria to aid crustaceans in digesting polystyreneELLIOT SAWATZKI
SR-EEC-118Creating and Assessing the Effectiveness of Biochar, Activated Carbon, and Charcoal Water Filters on Heavy Metal FiltrationHarman Singh
SR-EEC-149Detecting and Managing Microplastic Pollution in Waterways Across Michigan through Various Removal TechniquesSarah Parashar
SR-LS-001How do fungi affect plant growth?Lucas Tilot
SR-LS-004Effects of Diammonium Phosphate on Daphnia magnaHannah Thomas
SR-LS-028Evaluating the Effects of Environmental Contaminants on Reproductive Toxicity in Caenorhabditis elegansSivani Mamillapalli
SR-LS-037Predictive Model for the Development and Spread of Bacterial Resistance In Relation to Antibiotic Consumption in Hospital SettingsAnthony Daoud
SR-LS-067The Effects of Ginseng on Daphnia magnaABBIE WONG
SR-LS-073Are natural antibiotics more effective than phamaceutical antibiotics against bacteria.Kiara Amin
SR-LS-082The Effect of Natural Extracts and Biopolymers on Yeast as a Model for Cancer InhibitionPARIS NGO
SR-LS-086Can Ayurvedic Ingredients Substitute for Modern Medicine?Aditya Veera
SR-LS-087The Effects of Turmeric and Oregano on Daphnia magnaSukhmani Kaur
SR-LS-089Evaluation of Representation in Children’s Books Using Machine LearningChristine Cai, Jessica Chai, Raymond Chai
SR-PSE-001Detecting Polyps in the Colon using Machine LearningDiya Ramakrishnan
SR-PSE-011Reducing Sensorineural Hearing Loss through Middle Ear BypassNILOY ISLAM
SR-PSE-019GIRec: A Novel Deep Learning-Based Tool for 3D Reconstruction of Gastrointestinal Regions through Monocular Depth EstimationSaiyan Tabrej
SR-PSE-023The dynamics of pitchingZack Middleton
SR-PSE-024Mass DriverChitleen Singh
SR-PSE-041Testing the Effects of Winglet on Aircraft to Determine the Most Efficient Design to Reduce Drag and Increase LiftBlaise Maliskey
SR-PSE-067A Novel Location Tracking System for First Responders Using a Bluetooth 3-axis Accelerometer to Determine Exact LocationRiley Mattheis
SR-PSE-068Predictive Modeling of Brain Tumor Evolution and Anatomical Invasion: A Novel 3D Spatiotemporal Approach for Enhanced Treatment PlanningAkhilesh Kanmanthreddy
SR-PSE-081SmartSwabs: A Machine Learning Model to Predict Prevalence Rates of COVID-19 Applied to Grouped TestingSahiba Kaur
SR-PSE-092Reducing Friction Between GearsHudson Strayer
SR-PSE-096The Effect of Dendritic Copper on the Thermal Energy Dissipation of Thermal EpoxyGAVIN GUTIERREZ
SR-PSE-097A solution to Avian OverheatingAnna Hansen


JR-EEC-006Water When You Need It- Hydrogels with Conservation FarmingGabriel Nix
JR-EEC-008How Do Low Temperatures Affect the Response Time of Displays?Alexander Soukhojak
JR-EEC-012Plastic Predators A comparative analysis of bacterial degradation across different polymer types.​Elliot LeClair, Daniel Broderick
JR-EEC-029How does the size of an egg affect the rise of a cookieKrislyn Thomas
JR-EEC-037The Effects of Motor Oil on Soil and Plant HealthCHIZARA ERIOBU
JR-EEC-044Assessing Different Fruit Peels to Determine the Most Efficient Source of Nutrients When CompostedMichael Daoud
JR-EEC-052UV got to protect your eyesCalvin Ferguson
JR-EEC-054Soil effect on growth on plant growthDominic Rainwater
JR-EEC-065Sun Protection ShowdownZoe Spicer
JR-EEC-068The Scorching SciencesIcelynn Ondrajka
JR-EEC-073Weed Killers: Wonderful or Wicked?Elena Miller
JR-EEC-075Surface StainsLily Surface
JR-EEC-076The 5-Second RuleAvery Reece
JR-EEC-078Something’s Bugging Me… It’s Our Water Quality!Bronwyn Alvarado
JR-EEC-081What type of water if best for grass growth?Austin Spodney
JR-EEC-082How ripe is your apple?Amelia Frontiera
JR-EEC-085A Check Dam CompetitionJaelynn Wallace
JR-EEC-089Clorox vs LysolAlex Hosang
JR-EEC-092Colder and COLDERElijah Weisenbach
JR-EEC-093Under PressureGrant Red
JR-EEC-094Small vs Large Solar PanelsZain Cheema
JR-EEC-105Toothpaste testingNico Bufalini
JR-EEC-108The Best Acne TreatmentJASLEEN KAUR
JR-EEC-117Which Type of Road Salt is the Most EffectiveKillian Simpson
JR-EEC-120The Great Cookie Egg-ScapeJudah Weisenbach
JR-EEC-127Controlled Drug Delivery with Alginate Beads and Hydrogel CapsulesEmma Huang
JR-EEC-146Paper Towel AbsorptionJalie Guza
JR-LS-006Diary of a Water BottleJoylin Brillhart, Bridget Reder
JR-LS-014Carbonated Drinks and Cancer: An Oncological Study Using Daphnia magnaReyna Silveira
JR-LS-016Earthworm Growth FoodSamia Qureshi
JR-LS-019Does type of liquids applied to strawberries affect the mold rate of strawberries?Hannah Kim
JR-LS-035Which Shampoo works the best?Hafsa Jondy
JR-LS-036How the exposure to a different kind of light conditons affects on yeast growth?Abdurrahman Qandeel
JR-LS-039Sunscreen EffectivenessKanwalreet K. Ghotra
JR-LS-041I Wet My PlantsMason Stanek
JR-LS-043Dye or Die?Lucy Warnke
JR-LS-047Strawberry Counter CarriersLeocadia McNicol
JR-LS-052Growth Impact of Diffrent Soils on Plants.Jade Wagner
JR-LS-056Effectiveness of DisinfectantsGrace Miller
JR-LS-057How Natural Preservatives Affect Mold Growth?Ethan Houser
JR-LS-061What antibacterial cleaners work the bestAubrey Bowman
JR-LS-062Oyster Mushrooms Hero or Zero?Rosealie Dewilde
JR-LS-065The effect of beverages on the growth of Salivarius streptococcusRishika Veera
JR-LS-088Which Mouthwash is the Best for Oral Hygiene?EKAMJOT GHOTRA
JR-LS-103What’s the Buzz about Fruit Flies?Anna Allswede
JR-LS-109Tooth decayAaron Oskey
JR-PSE-006Does the size of a screen impact retentionAmeya Patki
JR-PSE-012AI Tells Traffic SignsJeff Liu
JR-PSE-013Can a circuit determine if a fruit is ripe?Aaren Nimmy
JR-PSE-017the effect of air pressure inside a soccerball on the distance it travelHamzah Alwajih
JR-PSE-018Do Mirrors Affect the Efficiency of a Solar Panel?MORAD GOUDA
JR-PSE-031Which Seatbelt is Safest for youHarper Sturgeon, Jules Newman, Bella Page
JR-PSE-043Raised Seam vs Flat Seam Baseball Travel DistanceBrady Lang
JR-PSE-049Man VS. MachineMason Mitchell
JR-PSE-053What Fibers are the Strongest?Emily Blazen
JR-PSE-065Item launcherHarper Grab, Shane Helland
JR-PSE-072Which Type of Wood can Withstand the Most Weight?NATHANIEL SINCISSEN
JR-PSE-073Trash can overload busterSimon Ball
JR-PSE-079How will salt affect the conductivity of a saltwater air batterySoren Hills
JR-PSE-086Static electricity generatorElliott Suchy
JR-PSE-094Weighty FuelFisher McCann
JR-PSE-098Do more blades equal more power?Abigail Hansen
JR-PSE-101Laser Engraver vs. Dense WoodsMadison Simpson