2023 Teacher of the Year – Kirk Hansen

The Flint Regional Science Fair Board was pleased to present the 2023 Educator of the Year award to Kirk Hansen.
Mr. Hansen teaches 8th Grade Honors Science and Davison Middle School in Davison, MI. 
The award includes a certificate, a plaque and $250. A panel of Board members select the Educator of the Year from among those nominated by their peers, parents and students. The award recognizes a teacher or adult mentor who displays a remarkable ability to empower and excite student interest in science.   

Each year Mr. Hansen works with many students and his students always win many awards.  “Science Fair gives students opportunities to investigate and solve an everyday problem that is happening in our world,” he said. “Students have the freedom to design an experiment and test that experiment in a controlled environment. Finally, students have to present their project to a panel of judges that are professionals in the community. It really is authentic science and how science keeps advancing with time.”

Mr. Hansen was nominated as Educator of the Year by multiple students – what they had to say:

“Mr. Hansen has impacted this community in one of the best ways possible. He helps his students find a love for science (especially myself,) that they never thought they had. He teaches with positivity, enthusiasm, and by doing so makes students want to learn. He also plays a huge part in my communities’ science fair. He motivates kids and helps them with their projects. Also, even if I email him on the weekends I know I can expect an answer back. In other words, he is truly there for his students, and I think that matters a lot.”

“Mr. Hansen truly encapsulates what it means to be an educator. He puts learning first, he’s enthusiastic, and he’s never seen without a smile. His hour of the school day consistently remains my favorite, purely because of the way he teaches. His class is both extremely informative and fun, and especially because he is there for his students.”

“Without him, none of us would have been a part of this science fair. We all learned something valuable not only about science but also time management.”

“He is able to make learning fun by including hands on activities, group work, and watching videos that explain the subject we are on. He assists us with our science fair projects and helps us with any work that we may need help with.”

“Before I took Mr. Hansen’s class, I had no interest in science. Through the course of this year, I have learned that I actually like science, and I am good at it. Without Mr. Hansen, I would have never discovered this. I am now considering a career in STEM and I can’t thank Mr. Hansen enough.”

“He encourages hands-on learning. All his lessons include math and other stuff. He takes time to explain the work. He makes sure the questions are simple and easy to understand.”